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Envirohealth Consulting is a multidisciplinary company specialising in the fields of environmental and occupational health and safety. The company’s aim is to provide clients with a high quality consulting and technical services.

Pre Purchase Inspections

Everyone thinks about building and pest inspections when buying a new house, but do you realise that having asbestos in your new home could be more costly in the long run than having termites or even structural damage?


Testing Prior to Bathroom and Kitchen Renovations

Renovating bathrooms and kitchens is by far the most common home improvement carried out in this day and age, as the bathroom and kitchen are the most easily dated rooms in the house.


Asbestos Audits, Asbestos Registers and Management Plans

If you are a commercial building owner you will no doubt be aware of the minefield that is government legislation, not to mention the fees and charges levied on commercial building owners.


Asbestos in Soil

Are you aware that asbestos in or on soil can also be a significant issue which can affect anyone who engages in any activity that disturbs the soil?


Asbestos Clearance Inspections and Certification

A clearance inspection must include a visual inspection and, depending on the type of asbestos containing material removed, may require air monitoring.


Asbestos Sample Testing

There is no definitive way of telling if a material contains asbestos fibres without undertaking microscopic laboratory analysis.


Clandestine Drug Laboratories Testing

About 1000 illegal drug labs are identified by Australian Police within Australia each year with undoubtedly many more remaining undetected. The majority of these clandestine labs are discovered in residential buildings.



Mould is the common description used for visible fungal growth. Fungal growth may result in elevated levels of airborne contaminants in the indoor environment and is a potential health hazard.


Crystalline Silica Monitoring

Industrial and construction workplaces are filled with occupational hazards of all types and forms.


Lead in the Home and Work Environment

Most people are aware about asbestos but do you realise just how much of a risk lead paint can be and just how common it can be in older homes in Australia?


Workplace Contaminant Monitoring

All workplaces have hazards that are a potential risk to all persons including employers, employees, visitors and contractors.


Indoor Air Quality Services

Are you aware of the potential dangers associated with your buildings indoor air quality?


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We are a private consulting company providing specialist asbestos and occupational hygiene technical and consulting services.

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