Asbestos Clearance Inspections and Certification

A person who undertakes licensed asbestos removal work is obligated to ensure that once the asbestos removal work is completed that a clearance inspection is carried out and a clearance certificate is issued before the workplace can be re-occupied to verify that the area is safe for normal use.

A clearance inspection must include a visual inspection and, depending on the type of asbestos containing material removed, may require air monitoring.

Poor asbestos removal methods and waste storage

Substandard removal methods on construction site

A clearance certificate shall be provide in writing by a licensed asbestos assessor or competent person following the asbestos removal work, and can only be issued once the licensed asbestos assessor is satisfied that:

  • The asbestos removal work and the adjacent area are free of visible asbestos contamination.
  • If air monitoring is conducted as part of the clearance inspection that the monitoring shows airborne asbestos fibre concentrations are below 0.01 fibre/ml of air.

An asbestos clearance inspection must be conducted after the following asbestos removal works:

  • For works carried out by a licensed A class asbestos removalist (the asbestos removed involved friable asbestos) regardless of the amount of asbestos removed.
  • For works carried out by a licensed B class asbestos removalist (bonded asbestos material removed) for works that are over 10m2 in area.
  • A clearance inspection must be conducted regardless of whether the asbestos removal in in a workplace or a domestic premise.

It is crucial that the licensed asbestos assessor be independent and not involved in the removal of asbestos for that specific job and is not involved in the business of or undertaking of asbestos removal for that specific job.

Envirohealth Consulting field staff are all licensed asbestos assessors and Envirohealth Consulting does not have any affiliation with, nor is Envirohealth Consulting directly involved in asbestos removal.

If a clearance certificate is not obtained the asbestos removal area is not to be reoccupied for normal use or any other activity.  The clearance certificate must be issued before the area can be reoccupied.

Unauthorised people are not to enter the asbestos removal work area prior to the clearance certificate being issued and any protective barricades shall remain in place until the final clearance certificate is issued.

Contact Envirohealth Consulting today to organise your asbestos clearance inspection and rest assured that our licensed asbestos assessors will apply their experience and training to make sure that the asbestos removal works are completed to the highest standard.


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